Year 7 DVD-ROM Collector’s Edition

Hear us talk about the future of classic gaming, interview the biggest names in the classic gaming business (uncut), review the latest emulation and “modern” classic gaming packages, reveal the best the internet has to offer, comment on the progression of gaming, and more …

      • A FULL YEAR of material include 12 full episodes of RetroGaming Radio featuring new interviews, reviews, editorial rants, game flashbacks, Bits & Bytes of useful information, extras galore, and more! This is the perfect continuation for those with the other DVD collections.
      • Brand new, full, uncut interviews with Andre Lemonth, Brad Strahle, Dan Kramer, Dan Corona, David Comstock, Howard Scott Warshaw, Jerry Lawson, Larry Kaplan, and Michael Battilana.
      • Video extras include: Troy (our producer) playing Karaoke Revolution, clips from the interviews with Jeri Ellsworth, Howard Scott Warshaw and others with restored sound..
      • Photo extras include: rare Bryan Smith pictures with Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, mixin’ DJ style; fantastic previously unreleased pictures from Shane & Bryan’s Visit to E3 2001 during the show’s hiatus; rare, never before seen pictures of Shane from the golden Amiga age – see Shane playing Virtuality, in Lamadalena Italy, posing with hot Israelli military girls with AK47s, and more. Now includes video slideshows with narration by Shane on select galleries.
      • Audio extras include: Mic checks, ramblings, and other audio clips previously unused on the show.
      • Bonus! Get FULL versions of Shane’s own PC games vs.Ball and Kablooey Redux.

See what people say about RGR’s DVDs…

“Well I received my Year 6 DVD today and man you have again out done yourself. What a fitting tribute to Bryan. The quality is simple the best.” – Scott J.

“I just wanted to say that the entire presentation (from the package insert to DVD interface) is top-notch. I’m having a blast listening to a bunch of shows I have never heard before. I can’t wait to get years 1-5” – esteban

“Got mine today. Great stuff, I listened to the bloopers right away and laughed quite a bit.” – Demolition Man

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