Episode 2005-10-31 w/Jerry Lawson (Part 2)

Editorial: Greed ... Is Good?
Interview: Jerry Lawson Pt. 2
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Runtime: 03:44:46
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This month we finish up our interview with Jerry Lawson the genius behind the Fairchild Channel F and the Godfather of gaming, we take a quick look at the new Taito Legends classic gaming package on the PC, get some inside goodies on the new GP2x handheld, we talk about GREED (not the kind you think) in the editorial commentary, cover a GIANT Bits & Bytes segment, and more!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 2005-10-31 w/Jerry Lawson (Part 2)

  1. Why am I hear, on the Internet, see the word retro, and that was it. Next into my y head Shane R Monroe, then RGR, and im hooked again, listening to classic shiws. All still amazing, after all this time. Thought cover to the kid hype Smith, and his mixes. Are these available, did you ever find copies of these from your cab base, glittering your disc crashes losses, back in the day.

    Hope you are still enjoying life and doing what you do.

    Still rememner your help on purchasing an incarnation of the mighty DL, as it wasn’t available in the UK.

    Hope of one of the guys or gal’s here you can help with the mixes.

    Happy new year, and all the best for 2018

    Game NOT over,

    Gary in the uk

    Aka erikthecat

    1. I do have access to many of these mixes. Maybe I’ll put them online somewhere.

  2. Shane, many thanks for reply, good to hear you are still around. Missing the rgr shows very much. Virtually bumped into a matt ownby on a pinball forum, just had to thank him for the whole Daphne thing would have been rude not to. Im going to see if i can find the shows with him in. Probably end up listening to loads more. If only I could locate all of your dvds :(. All bring back so many happy memories, good times. If you do post / host “the kids” mixes, and remember, Send us a nudge (erikthecat at btinternet dot com), many thanks Shane,… Game not over, keep it retro 😁

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