Alumni Testimonials

Welcome to the Classic Gaming Alumni interview page. You’ve come here because we’ve ask you to interview with RetroGaming Radio on one of our future shows. If you are not familiar with our show already, please feel free to visit the What Is RetroGaming Radio page and the Meet The Cast And Crew page to see who we are and what we do. Contact Shane directly if you’re interested in being interviewed at CGE 2005 or even offline if you don’t have time.


Long Established …
RetroGaming Radio is a long-established, very popular radio show that runs every month. We’ve been around since 1998 and have over 75 successful shows under our belts. The show boasts 2000+ loyal listeners. We’ve interviewed some of the biggest names in classic gaming history; such as Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Rick Dyer, David Crane, Gary Kitchen, Walter Day, Alan Miller, Paul Norman and SO many more.

We’re friends of the industry …
The industry trusts RetroGaming Radio. We’ve handled sensitive interviews and have always been there for our interviewees. Our interviews are so easy going and uncanned, that often our interviewees go the extra mile and reveal information to us they later wish they hadn’t. We understand. We work with the interviewee in post-production to make sure you’re protected and satisfied with your interview.

Enjoy a DIFFERENT kind of interview …
We get the greatest interviews because we don’t have limits. Our show is unsponsored and still can run those raw interviews that people love so much. We won’t cut your time off just when you get to the good part. We never can our interviews – who wants to hear the same questions answered over and over again? Relax, kick back, and just talk to us. We love it – and so do our listeners.

Plug your projects …
Sure, our listeners love the classics – but they are still buying video games and related stuff today. In your interview, we will encourage you to promote your current projects as well as look fondly back at the older ones. Our listeners are loyal to the brands and items our interviewees promote.


No need to take our word for it. Check out what our past interviewees have to say!

“Great work. Loved being interviewed. You have a real grasp on all the
Retro products, where it’s been and where it is now. Thanks for being a fan of our work.”

Don Bluth, Don Bluth Films, Inc.

“Gotta let everyone know that being interviewed by Retro Gaming Radio is a great experience. They do their homework and ask relevant questions about the subject. They obviously know the topics they cover. Since our first interview we have maintained a fantastic relationship and check in to the show to hear what’s happening with Retro Gaming.”

Gary Goldman, Don Bluth Films, Inc.

“Shane Monroe is one of the most intelligent interviewers I have met in the gaming hobby. And, his knowledge is unequaled. I felt like I was in the presence of an encyclopedia who also had a sensitive heart of gold.”

Walter Day, Twin Galaxies Video Game World Records CEO

“Shane Monroe and Bryan Smith really bring out the best in you. I really didn’t feel like I was being interviewed on their show. They make you feel so at home like with family or long time friends and with the variety and REAL DEAL questions they do ask you its not like they’re reading from a pre-written script like most other interviews that I’ve done.”

Todd Rogers, Former Activision spokesman/Video Game World Record Holder

“Shane Monroe is one of those rare people that makes you feel completely at ease when talking with him. I never felt as if I was being “interviewed,” rather, just having a friendly conversation with an old Army or college buddy. His knowledge of the classic gaming world is what I would call “encyclopedic.” Shane has a talent in bringing out the facts, yet making it fun and entertaining at the same time. Being “interviewed” by RetroGaming Radio, unlike many others, was a pleasure and a joy as I had fun and even learned some new things in the process.”

Ron Corcoran, Twin Galaxies Chief Editor/Video Game World Record Holder