What is RetroGaming Radio?

RetroGaming Radio began as a weekly short show in 1998 (then dubbed Retro Radio) to provide a supplement to the news feeds that classic video game and emulator players so desperately needed. The show started off as a straight opinion program but soon grew into a complete, full-service broadcast including reviews of cool old games, modern software/hardware related to classic gaming and the ever-popular interviews with famous (and infamous) figures in classic gaming.

In 2008, the show left the airwaves – waiting for more content to become “retro” and for technology to evolve so that RetroGaming Radio could be reborn. Demand continued to be huge for the show.

RetroGaming Radio returned to the public airwaves with new shows in August 2011 which featured a brand new exciting technology called RGR+TV. This HTML5-based player allowed the show to trigger videos and web content without the need for user interaction. While not widely received by the audience (and the service removed), the show continues to evolve in format and content.

Our goal is to provide the classic gaming community a quality program that is exciting, entertaining and informational. We work to bring you useful product reviews that you can depend on before shoveling out your hard-earned cash.

Thank you for your patronage. Without you – there is no us.