Year 1-5 DVD-ROM Archive Edition

The Ultimate RetroGaming Radio Collection

You wanted it all on one DVD … we delivered! This DVD-ROM is packed to the BRIM with FIVE FULL YEARS of shows including the Years 1-4 CDs no longer available!

  • Over 70 hours of RGR content
  • Nearly 60 full episodes
  • 20 UNCUT interviews (things you didn’t hear on the show) with the celebrities of classic gaming including David Crane, Don Bluth, Garry Kitchen, Paul Norman, Todd Rogers, Warren Davis, Ed Rotberg, and more!
  • Nearly 30 reviews of classic video games
  • Many early shows were videos! This is the only way to experience the early shows in their native formats (MP3 versions are included as well)
  • All on a SINGLE auto-running DVD-ROM! Look below to see what all is included!
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This collection contains all three sets below …

The Year 5 Archive Collection

Hear us talk about the future of classic gaming, interview the biggest names in the classic gaming business (uncut), review the latest emulation and “modern” classic gaming packages, reveal the best the internet has to offer, comment on the progression of gaming, and more …

  • A FULL YEAR of material include 12 full episodes of RetroGaming Radio featuring 9 new interviews, reviews, editorial rants, game flashbacks, Bits & Bytes of useful information, coverage of the Classic Gaming Expo 2003, extras galore, and more! This is the perfect continuation for those with the Year 1-4 collections.
  • Uncut interviews with some of the greatest names in the classic game business (and some future great names) like Alan Miller (Activision), Walter Day (Twin Galaxies), Todd Rogers (Activision’s own game playing former spokesman), Howard Scott Warshaw (Yar’s Revenge), Bill Kunkel (The Game Doctor), Warren Davis (Q-Bert), Ed Rotberg (Battlezone), and more!
  • Professionally designed special edition slimline DVD case and insert
  • A brand new, totally tricked out DVD-style interface (Windows only) for access a lot of the content on the disc.
  • Never before aired unused and cut audio clips
  • Specially recorded introductions
  • Exclusive Bryan “KidHype” Smith Arcade Turntablism song remix
  • 8 Easter Eggs
  • And more …

“Just got my 5 year DVD … You guys rule. Flat out frickin’ rule. I’ll tell ya, when I loaded up year 5 … I almost crapped my pants. Everything is so great, and there’s so much stuff to keep me busy … “ – Andy P.

“I just received the DVD, it’s friggin’ awesome. The interface is very slick, better than a lot of pro stuff I’ve seen. I hope you sell a million. Thanks!” – Rich S.

The Year 3 Archive Collection

This collection spans ALL THREE of the first years of RetroGaming Radio…

  • Browse every episode and extra content, launch the shows, see screenshots. Written ‘old school’ with rainbow copper effects, scrollers, and classic features that will take you back to the good ol’ days.
  • Every Episode from August 1998 to February 2002 – in its original video format AND in MP3! See the video versions you’ve never seen.
  • Tons of extra MPG videos; including attract modes from famous laserdisc games, history clips, game play videos, and more!

The Year 4 CD-ROM

Ready for year 4? Its all here – all the shows from Year 4 plus tons of bonus materials. Take a look at the features of this new CDROM …

  • A full year of shows from March 2002 to February 2003
  • Special DVD-style interface for listening to the shows (Windows only)
  • Two full-length bonus shows previously only briefly available to members in 2002.
  • Never before aired unused and cut audio clips
  • Specially recorded introduction for some content
  • Multimedia from the Classic Gaming Expo 2002
  • Teasers, commercial clips, and other tidbits we’ve gathered over the year.