Starving Student Edition Vol. 2 

The Discount Way to Hear The Archived Shows

For years, people have asked us for an inexpensive way to hear the archived shows. Finally, we have a solution for the “starving students” to get six years of shows in one low priced package. We’ve cut out all the frills – no jacket, no case – not even a label. We’ve stripped away all the extras and created a show only collection that won’t break the bank.

  • Over 90 hours of shows (Only 22 cents per hour! THAT’S value)
  • 30 full episodes
  • Comes on 2 CD-Rs; ready to play on any CD based MP3 player
  • Organized for sequential play; each year in its own folder, named to play in order
  • Full MP3 tags for each show; complete with comment describing the show.
  • Completely barebones; comes with no extra content – shipped in a generic package with no labeling or casing.
  • Stand alone; those of you who already own the full DVD collections do not need to purchase this set. There is nothing new on here for you.

This set includes every show from Year 7 through Year 9.

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Want the full meal deal? Uncut celebrity interviews? Deleted clips, killer interfaces, tons of extras, a beautiful jacket and case? Get the Deluxe Edition DVDROMs!